Terrors in the Night

Ever since the fight was concluded to reunite myself with my wife, we both have been plagued by night terrors of being separated. And now, as the two year anniversary of our reunion draws nearer, we are haunted by a fresh new horror in our nightly rest. There is absolutely nothing to be done about it until this Visa situation is finally and absolutely come to resolution.
Each and every morning I awaken from a haze of horror I can hardly remember, but vaguely gauge that it was nevertheless traumatizing and my wife soon awakens with moans of torment from her freshly realized agony. I wish for this to end but I believe we will forever live under the thumb of the government as second hand citizens simply because we strayed from the norm and married outside of our country’s confines. I will never feel at ease here as long as this is our way of life. What are we to do? We can’t continue on like this…


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